I just picked up a xr edge Control wirefeeder off of craigs list im starting welding on the side and am trying to get some machines without dropping a ton of money.

I have a powcon (miller bought them out i. The 90s) 400sm inverter / power supply it has the older 14pin connector from machine to feeder.

So i saw wire feeder miller and 14 pin so i jumped on it, i did a little research or googling on the thing i can find enough to gather that it came with a puller gun...

The gun plug in the front of the feeder is a 10 pin..... And i feel this feeder was designed for aluminum wire and i do not feel like spending $900+ to get a used puller gun off ebay to through on

My questions are

Can i wire a "normal" gun to it like a 2 or 4 pin tweeco

Can i run mild and stainless in this feeder

Does anyone sell a puller gun for less then $900 with a 10 pin

If not would anyone need this feeder ill off it for what i bought it for then find something to better suit me

Also my goal of a wire feeder off of my powcon is i can run the powcon at 160amps at 100% duty cycle and 60% at 200amps which i have it hooked up to 240 line i ran to my garage

Im looking for duty cycle prob always run less then 160 but if i dont have to stop i can get done and get paid