Too late, I just bought the 100A service cable and 100A breaker this morning. It is aluminum though. The clerk said it's #3 wire. I am running the service cable to a box by the welder. The welder is only about 8 feet from the main box. There is a 6 foot piece of BX cable, with copper conductors hard wired to the welder by the previous owner. They look like #4 wire. That will be connected to the service cable at the junction box. I guess that will be OK. I know the electrons don't know the difference, but I am a little curious about the color code on the wires on this service cable.
I have the bare ground, red w/ 3 white stripes, black w/ 3 white stripes and a solid black wire. I think the black w/ 3 white stripes, or is it white w/ 3 black stripes, is to be the neutral.
I found steel 3" castors at the local TSC. They are rated for 300 lbs each. Should work for a 830 lb machine. At least I will be able to move the machine around on the concrete floor by myself, for maintenance if needed.