Hi, I am new to this forum. I recently aquired a 330/A/BP TIG welder, all 830 lbs of it. Got a load of accessories with it. It came from a welder friend who just got a pacemaker, and the doctor said no more welding for you. I have read good reviews of this machine, as far as it's durability goes. I am in the process of getting a hardcopy owners manual from Miller literature, to get my bearings for setup. I come from the A/C stick welder world, so TIG is new to me, so I will be on a learning curve. The machine is a whole lot bigger than what I need, both power wise and physical size also. It was too good of a deal to pass up. I am told this machine uses lots of power just for being turned on, without even welding. The machine requires 100A at 220v at full power. For my requirements, I certainly don't need to weld at 460 amps. Less than half that would be adequate. I already have a Lincoln 225A A/C welder on a 60A circuit with a dryer outlet. I have been getting mixed opinions on just using the 60A circuit for this welder, and using the lower and middle heat ranges only.

If I were to go with the new 100A connection, are there any special tips or recommended hardware for wiring up this beast? I will be only 10 feet from the main breaker box in the garage. I have 200A service for the house. Any suggestions or advise would be appreciated.