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    Default nitronic 50 parameters for gtaw

    Hey guys need help with parameter for nitronic 50 1.25x0.065 tubing can I weld without filler or do I have to use filler and can I use 316l or 309l?

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    Found this:

    Nitronic® 50 is readily weldable using conventional joining processes. Autogenous, high power density joining processes such as EB or laser welding, should be used with caution due to low FN potential and severe outgassing possibility in vacuum atmosphere due to high nitrogen content. When filler metal is added Nitronic 50W (AWS E/ER209) is recommended.

    Also see WELDING in this doc about 308L/309 filler:
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    The recommended filler for that would be an ER209, but either a 308L or 309 can be used to make sound welds. I would recommend using a filler when welding and producing a nice convex weld to eliminate any chance of hot cracking.

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