This may not be the place to ask this but does robotic welding experience mean anything? The reason I ask is because recently I was laid off from my job because they're really slow at my previous job and could no longer sustain my employment, so whatever that's called I'm looking for a new job. Long story short, I'm stuck between a decision between taking a MIG welding job at a shop that needs help on all three shifts and is growing and taking a 2nd shift robotic welding job for a different company that is also growing. Both jobs are willing to provide some training but I'm not sure how robotic welding experience will look on my resume in the future. I have 20 months experience in the field, mostly MIG welding but I have 3 months of TIG welding experience in mild and stainless steel as well if you're wondering, that's what I have to go off of. I'm open to any suggestions, I hope there are people on this forum who have done robotic welding so I can hear what they have to say.