Sometimes I think we have lost much in some of the trades due to books, they are great and a good way to learn but our forefathers learned a trade by working years as a apprentice then journeyman and in due time became a master of his trade or craft then had the great privilege to teach others.
I respect men who work with there minds but one of the greatest Blessing I have in this life is to work with my hands and totally enjoy it. There is just something about being dead tired at the end of a good hard days work that makes a man sleep well.
I also was lucky to get C's in high school and never went to Collage, but at age 12 my dad got so mad at me cause I would try and weld all the metal I could find togeather when he wasn't around and I'd hide them under the work bench. By age 16 I could weld much better than he could (he wasn't a good welder). At age 18 I did all the welding that came into our garage. I've worked with my hands all my life and never went hungry also had a good roof over my head and sleep well at night.
The Bible instructs us to ("live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands").
Your a good man Goat Driver and your son is Blessed to have you as his father, and I'd guess your also Blessed to have him as your son. The Lord has a way of working these things out, and sometimes the simple things in life are the most precious. Your son will do fine in life, I would guess better than most, To God be the Glory!! He is so precious to me & my family.