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Thanks for all the input. Some of the thing I need it for is to fix semi trailers. For the mosr part I'll use my mm211, but some of the stuff is either to thick or can't get it as clean as you'd need for mig (rust pits).
I guess I was more interested in what amperages I would need, more than what machine is better. I plan on getting a used one (for now), just got my mm211 6 months ago, so I have to save up again.
Anyway I will need to weld 1/2" thick flange on a king pin slug through a hole 1/2" plate. So from what I'm seeing is id need 250 amps or so. Also is dc the way to go?
250 amps is a good number... there should be somethig on the used market..

here are the c/l search tempest listings within 100 miles of zip 48201