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    Default grinding out a curve on square or round bar.

    Is there any machine that would make grinding out a curve in order to hold round bar any easier/quicker?
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    Default grinding out a curve on square or round bar.

    Try a hole saw in a drill press easy and cheap

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    Hole saw in a good drill press

    Edit- if you are only doing set ups like in yer pic then a hole saw in a DP but for any angles you'll need a Tube Notcher

    You can Google or you tube notchers to see how they work.

    Edit #2

    You can also use your Chop saw on Tubing
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    Default grinding out a curve on square or round bar.

    Guys thanks very much, I just wouldn't have thought of the hole saw.

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    Default grinding out a curve on square or round bar.

    Those pipe Notchers look great.

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    I have the jd2 its pretty good. Had to mess with the alignment of the clamp when I first got it. It was little off center, but now it's good. Don't buy a cheap one or you will be fighting it

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    Default grinding out a curve on square or round bar.

    No more cheap stuff for me, I've found that out the hardway better to save and do it right. Thanks again for the info. I

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    Make a template from sheet metal to trace it then use a torch or plasma cutter. Or make a thicker template that you can just run the torch around or a plasma cutter. Have the radius figured out for either the torch or pc to have it cut exactly where you want the hole. Should only be a minute on each side and they should be perfect with no grinding if done right...Bob
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    I don't have it yet, but this is on my list. Baileigh tube notcher TN 250

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    I've always just cut these out with a torch, dress up a bit with a grinder. Unless you are doing hundreds and thousands of these, I cannot understand spending stupid amounts of money to replicate the same cut, over and over again.
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