After hearing that Miller has absorbed the Smith line under their brand, a couple questions have come to my mind as a user and promoter of Smith products.

1) Will any current smith products be dropped?
2) Will any be added ( i.e. the even size welding tips )
3) Will Smith engineering be dissolved or moved to China?
4) How will conflicts of technology be handled? An example of this I am familiar with is Tig technology vs. O/A technology for aircraft construction. Will O/A get an unbiased and fair representation at trade shows with Miller knowing full well that there are much lower profits to be made on O/A vs a new Tig outfit?

If it seems that I have some fears here, you would be correct. Smith makes by far the best aircraft welding torch, and I am fearful that Miller will kill it off in an effort to increase sales of entry level Tig machines. On the other hand there is an excellent chance here for miller to promote both technologys, honestly and capture a large percentage of the GA/homebuilt aviation market. Looking forward to your reply.