I am builiding a custom logo/sign for a friend in Florida. The base later is 18ga brushed stainless. I am wanting to TIG round base mild steel weld nuts to it to attach letters. I have SS filler and an Econotig. I understand the weld won't exactly be perfect as the metals are dissimilar. I did one sign and lets just say my TIG skills could use some help. ( first time using the machine since I got it 2 years ago) I had 2 friends, both experienced in TIG offer to help me and then bail. I am in the North Dallas area. Looking for someone with TIG skills willing to help me out either at my shop or I can bring the pieces by, preferably in the evening as it is hard for me to break away during the day. I am hoping to barter/trade for this help, the laser cutting blew my budget due to my mistake. Anyone willing to help a fool, please email me at snpequipment @ gmail dot com