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Hey Guys,
Thanks for all the replies. I was aware of the "block of wood test" for setting the roller tension and that is exactly what my machine would not do even with the tensioner tightened all the way. I also realized that this would destroy the feed motor. I took the suggestions and started from there. When I adjusted the roller alignment I was able to back off the tension and still get proper feeding against a block of wood. So in this case the alignment was off and you could see that it was quite easily when viewing the roller from the top of the machine. Cruizer, the knurled roller makes sense, I will do some research and post the part number for anyone who might need it. As an aside my MM252 came with a 12' M-25 gun and I replaced it with a 15' Bernard 300 amp gun. Again thanks for the advice.
I'm glad you got working! I sure like mine. I did about a half hour of welding on some brackets yesterday to hold steel tubing for a project that I'm doing. The machine welds beautifully and is a delight to operate. It's a keeper!