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    Default Plasma VS Oxy-Fuel Cutting (Videos)

    Good evening, everyone!!

    Heres a recent two-part video that I made... It discusses the main differences between oxy-fuel (mainly oxy-acetylene) and plasma cutting...

    These videos compare the two processes on their:

    -Initial setup cost
    -Cost to operate & maintain
    -Cutting speeds
    -Ability to cut various materials (steel, aluminum, etc)
    -Uses outside of cutting (gouging, heating, etc)
    -Amount of training required
    -Safety factors
    -Additional equipment required to operate.

    I wanted to put together something for the newer welder, someone with no thermal cutting setup whose considering buying one, to help them decide if a torch set or a nice plasma cutter is best for their individual situation...

    Part 1:

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    Part 2:

    Hope y'all enjoy them... Happy welding guys

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    I started out with O/A before I had a stick welder. I don't do much O/A welding or cutting any more, but I believe it is a good place for any aspiring weldor to start out. O/A is still widely used in airframe welding. O/A cutting can be done a lot cleaner than your example. I have seen 12 gauge cuts that are smoother than your Plasma cuts. I realize it takes more time and has a longer learning curve, but it is doable. Like you, I prefer other welding and cutting methods, but it doesn't hurt to learn the old ways as well.

    Also, though Hypertherm is no doubt the king of the hill, it is not the only torch with drag tip capability. There are drag tips available for Trafamet and most other torches.

    No offense, but your O/A cutting needs some improvement. On the stacked metal cut, you had the torch aimed into the work where it should have been angled away from the metal for the start.

    Over all, you did a good job comparing the two technologies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChuckE2009 View Post
    Part 2:
    Hope y'all enjoy them... Happy welding guys
    Hey ChuckE,

    Enjoyed the videos. Very informative for me who has never used either tool, but I will be using a torch next week in class.

    I've watched a lot of your videos. Educational, entertaining, not too long, good camera work, and full of enthusiasm. Keep up the good work!

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