I bought a slightly used 252 last month, noticing some discrepancies in recommended settings -

Example - both the online and pocket mig calculators, for 14 ga. steel/C25 gas/.035 wire - recommend 17-18 volts @ 240-260 IPM

The manual for the 252, both paper and the front panel flip cards, call for 16.5 volts @ 190 IPM.

That seems like quite a change to me - I'm working on a (mostly) lighter gauge project that I don't want messed up, so have been staying toward the lower side, leading edge of puddle (drag) or pushing/weaving (Vertical up and overhead), not very fast travel speeds - so far, no holes, decent-to-good beads.

Can anyone explain this discrepancy between 252 info and Miller's generic calculator to me? ...Steve