Good thread. I do all kinds of things, I turn a few things down now when it suits me and most of it is due to the customer. I wont put a local repair on something that should be condemned.

I had a broad come in with a 30 yr old F100 truck with 1 poorly working brake and wants me to put a drop hitch on the factory bumper so she can hook on a 4 place horse trailer. I threatened to call the state police right there. Un real.

Having the repair done is good. JT is spot on in the grand scheme of things and well worth heading, you got to be prepared or at least consider it. In the real world I am with Portable, its what I do but its done with the consideration with most of the issues JT stated and I could usually put a mechanical engineer on the stand to say so as well as a couple of truck inspectors the county or state might call as experts say I do good work above average and they can trust I fixed a known problem. "As a note I like the 5 times stronger comparisons. Good point, hard for many to understand not everything is as strong as it can be."

I havnt studies as far as some but being a general fart in the wind over what is 30 some plus years have seen a few busted things, a lot of repairs survive, we fix a lot of engineered? equipment,,, most of it. I would rather see an attempted repair here than none.

As a side note,, you aint lived till you tried to sue me anyway, ha