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    Default 200 DX Can't DCEN Stick ??

    What Broccolli said - just swap your leads and your good to go!

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    Use the advanced polarity control feature. (APC = A Plug Change).
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    Appears my first "guess" was correct. Just took asking in the right place to get an authoritative answer. :-)

    Direct from Miller:
    It is possible to stick weld DCEN on the 200DX, you will just have to swap the work lead and stinger on the front of the machine. When set up in stick mode with the stinger and work lead according to the book you will be in DCEP, swapping the leads will switch your polarity.

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    Additionally from Miller:

    The 200 DX will A/C stick as well.

    Note: I don't care if anyone wants to A/C or not. :-)

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    Default Straight polarity on stick

    Quote Originally Posted by BukitCase View Post
    Just out of curiosity, what are you doing that you'd even WANT straight polarity on stick??!? Steve
    My question exactly! I'm no expert-but as the new owner of a Dynasty 200-why does he want to do that? I am not being sarcastic-just want more info. I was taught that straight polarity was for shallow penetration. Why not use the tig for that ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 'Stang View Post
    I was taught that straight polarity was for shallow penetration. Why not use the tig for that ?
    Maybe because he wants to STICK weld and get shallower penetration than DCEP.

    Just a guess.

    There are lots of reasons someone might want to STICK weld rather than TIG weld something.

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