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    Quote Originally Posted by H80N View Post
    How does that make any sense if retailers like IOC and others are offering it through Ebay and openly on the internet..????...... which is about as universal market as you can find..

    that dog don't hunt....

    No anouncement no literature... very awkward and clumsy... odd to say the least...

    Probably a great little machine but all this mysteriosity sure casts a shadow over it..

    where does it fall in the lineup?? does it compete just below the Dynasty 200DX or is it a minor step up from the Diversion 180??.....

    What distinguishes it as an improvement on the Sync 200 that we would assume it replaces??....
    You can disagree or dislike but that is how Miller has always done it in the past.IOC may be able to buy from more than one region from Miller and that would account for their being able to offer it nation wide before some other dealers.
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