Hi All,

I am attempting to re-educate myself on alum MIG. and failing.
It has been over 6 years since I have done this proceedure and have found that I am having a more problems than expected. The project is 3/4" 6061-t6 simple fillet two sides. Clean material with lacquer thinner and a ss brush. Pre-heat the pieces. 100% argon, spool gun 4043 wire, I have 3/64". I know 1/16" would be better, just starting with what I have in stock.

Results using start parameters from the calculater at 29 volts+/-
adjusting the wire speed
result: crap. looks like burnt rabbit poo

I have moved voltage up 2 and down 3volts have ajusted wire speed all over the map, checked for leaks in the argon supply. I am out of ideas. I moved the weld speed so fast that it was ok but lacked penetration.

I could really use that one piece of info that I am over looking.

Thanks in advance