Hi All

Since becoming a father, my hobby of welding has taking a backseat, but this month I got serious about building a cart for my two Big Green Egg BBQ's. I've been mulling over the design for this cart for about a year and recently decided that if I build one it would be designed to be mobile beyond my backyard so I can compete in BBQ competitions. So this has played heavily into the overall design. Want it to be a backyard island as well as cart that can be rolled into a cargo trailer and travel cross country.

I've struggled with past projects with trying to keep everything square. They always start out well but then as I get further into the construction it gets out of wack. This one hands down is probably the best build if have done. It has been a great confidence builder. The basic frame is done and now I'm adding the bells and whistles. Currently have 2 of three frames and hinges installed for the retractable countertops. The rear axle is completed. The front axle with steering is installed, but I need to move the tie rods forward so I can get tighter turning radius. The lower part of the cart will have a large draw that is 42"w X 10"h X 26"d on ball bearing sliders that will hold the accessories for my pits and hardwoods for cooking. Currently planning on all countertops to be deck with pine. My wood working skills still need a lot of refining and until then I don't want to risk higher end materials ending up in the mistake pile. I also have 2 burn stove that I will be mounting over the rear axle along with a propane tank rack. Below is a link to some photos of what I've completed so far