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    Default stick welding electrodes

    Can anyone help me with the amperage for the electrodes ? It's been 3 years since I touched them last. Like I believe 6010 electrode it's like 90 to 100 amps. I'm I right ?

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    Miller has an on-line calculator with ranges for different rod types and sizes.

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    Default stick welding electrodes

    They also have a handy app on the ole IPhone that helps you with your setting for SMAW GMAW GTAW & FCAW

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    And if you haven't got a me-phone and are using the most popular O/S in the world (Android), there is an app available for you too.
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    Default stick welding electrodes

    I am a little late to chime in but I have the miller settings app. I thought it would be fun and interesting to try it out being free and all. It would be a great addition for someone who does not have preferred settings that they know on the fly for their application. It does give you a great general setting on which one can fine tune to the machine, work piece and welder preference ie. heat, speed etc. I think it is a neat app and hope miller comes out with other goodies in the form of app updates or a new app all together.

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