I had a funny idea today. It has been SUPERhumid here for the last 7 days. And was thinking about my rod sitting in the shop.

I can't afford an oven nor do I wanna buy one!

What if I took an old green Coleman chest cooler, with the steel latch on it.... and glued up a little compartment made of plastic on the bottom of the cooler at the end where the drain is. Then filled the compartment with desiccant tablets ( I have tons of free desiccant at work ). And used it to store my rod?! I could just open the drain when water accumulates! The old cooler should seal really well with the steel draw latch and the old school weather stripping type seals.

I dunno just a though... but I think I'm gunna try it. It gotta keep my rod dryer than just sitting on a shelf!