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    Default harbor freight flux core

    Im sure there have been previous threads on this but im starting another anyway.. i just bought a 10# spool of 035 flux core and gotta say that i am pretty impressed with it. I will definetly be buying it again. It welds just as good as lincoln or hobart. Anyone else tried it?

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    Not FC per say but i do buy the .030 S-6 solid when its a good price...Bob
    Bob Wright, Grandson of Tee Nee Boat Trailer Founder
    Metal Master Fab Salem, Oh 44460
    Birthplace of the Silver & Deming Drill
    1999 MM185 w/185 Spoolgun,1986 Thunderbolt AC/DC
    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.

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    I bought 1 of the 10# spools and it worked great. I bought another one, but it had bad flux. I would get about a good weld then it was like I had no flux. It was just nasty looking and weak.
    So I exchanged it and got a good one. When that one was out I got another bad one. So I stopped getting them.
    It may cost more at air gas, but I've never had a prob. Not having to cut and grind the bad welds off is worth the extra money

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