I have a 2001 Pipe Pro that has been a good machine, It has a 26 HP Kabota diesel.
The problem is that it has smoked as long as I can remember, Expecially when it reves up to 3600 Rpm.

I had a really good mechanic stop in that I had to do some welding for and told him about my problem so he started up my machine while it was cold and it fired up right away so he said
( Well you got good compression due to how quick it fired )

About a year ago I adjusted the valves thinking that might be the problem but they all were within spec.

The mechanic said I have nothing to worry about ( It does'nt stumble at all when reving from low idle to high idle. )

He said that its just dumping a little extra fuel which is better than starving it for fuel.

So my question is: Does this sound right.

Keep in mind that I just changed the oil filter, fuel filter and air filter and I run on road diesel from many different stations which has never made a difference.

So the only thing I can think of would to have a pro adjust the fuel pressure or would you guys do what that mechanic said to do which is to leave it alone.

Issue, I could'nt correct my spelling so I guess I wear the dunce cap today, Issue, Issue, Issue.