I have a dynasty 200dx that was made in april 2010 and guess what. it quit working. wow just out of warranty, how convenient. only a couple hundred hours on it. ill ask the question here but already know that there are to many things that can go wrong with these machines to answer. but here we go. machine powers on and does everthing it should except make sparks. I tried every different way, in ac,dc,stick constant on and with remote. tried 2 foot pedals, 2 torches and nothing. gas valve works ok, can change postflow times, all the buttons seam to do what their told. change amperage ok. set any ideas from anyone would be appreciated. theres a repair shop local,not authorized but pretty good at it. he took off the wrapper and poked around a little, but figures it will be a fortune to fix. sad that $3500 only gets you 3 years these days.