I removed the cover from my old DialArc AC-DC 250 to check for dirt daubers and to blow it out.
The power line configuration jumper was was set for 208 volts. The other choices were for 460V and 230V.
Obviously, I know very little about electricity by having to ask whether the proper setting is 208V or 230V. Both are close to 220V which I believe to be the incoming line voltage.
Which setting is correct for standard 220V single phase 80 amp service?
Also, while cleaning the welder, I noticed that the control panel, in bold letters, labeled the unit as an "AC-DC Power Source"
I can buy a practically new Miller XR-A Extended Reach Wire Feeder without a gun for $700.00. Would this work with the DialArc?
If so, does the XR-A unit require a $700.00 gun or can I use an ordinary M series gun and would this be a sensible way to go?
I need a more powerful MIG than my MM 135. If I could assemble a MIG using this old welder for $700.00, it would be great.
I really like the old DialArc. It's the sweetest stick welder I have ever used.