The newer Vantages have a gouge mode, use it for stick welding! Then pretend you don't have a useless CC mode. The only difference is arc control is at +10.

For some reason the States guys haven't picked up on this. Canadian guys picked up on this pretty much imediately.

When you order your "Trueremote" in make sure you tell em that you want it programmed for downhill and gouge mode. NO MORE CC!

OH, yeah, and step the RPM down to 61 to 61.5 hz tested at the aux terminals and adjusted at the engine injector pump. WAYYYYY more power. Vantage 400 with the Kubota is at 60hz, and doesn't need adjusting.

and, one more thing, if you have the Vantage Kubota, turn the drain valve on the injector pump CLOSED clockwise. Its only there to drain the injuctor pump of air if you run out of fuel

Same with the RED-D-ARC 3+3 units, close the freaking valve. Tough to pressurize the injectors with the valve open,