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    Default welder mig gun lining? cover?

    anybody know what they call the covering to protect mig gun hose?....slips on so dragging your gun across the floor wont harm the hose? where can i get it? i do alot of sheetmetal work slices at the mig gun lining

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    It's not a hose😜

    It's a cable

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    I have a M-25 gun that was used by a sheet metal guy that sliced the crap out of the cover of the cable/hose (it is actually called a cablehose). I had taped it up with electrical tape to prevent further damage. This last week I had to pull the gun apart to fix a different issue. Since I had it apart I cut a 2' length of heat shrink tubing and fed it over the strain relief spring, and then underneath the spring (just shoved the spring forward until it was shrunk), then used a heat gun and shrunk it. It worked out great! Totally covered the damaged area, and would likely work as a prophylactic to prevent any damage initially. It is also easily replaceable. Took about 10 minutes start to finish.

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    I believe both Steiner and Tillman make leather covers that would fit a mig gun.
    The best stuff I have seen is gun wrap from American's pricy(almost 4.00 a foot)but works real well.It's a spiral plastic like you might use on a wiring harness only bigger.

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    Default welder mig gun lining? cover?

    There is a product sold by Office Depot, Staples, etc. designed to hold computer wires and cables together.

    It is about 1/2 inch in diameter and made of a very tough black plastic that opens lengthwise for insertion of the various wires and cables and also to permit adding additional wires at later times. The cover closes by interlocking in a zipper fashion.

    I had a work cable missing a lot of insulation a couple of years ago and remembered having a package of this product in the office. I put it on the cable and it has worked very well. I'm now using it for protection of my newer TIG cables and my MIG gun.

    The product costs +/- $3.00.

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