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    Default Orientation of Tungsten Using Grinding Wheel


    This is the same information that I wrote in a previous thread; but, it may have been too deep in the thread. So, I hope it's okay to post again.

    I haven't had much time to get setup to dive into TIG.

    I recently purchased two new wheels for a spare bench grinder that I have in the garage that will only be used for tungsten grinding. (One is 80 grit, the other 120.)

    I hope the answer to this question isn't too obvious....

    I understand the need to basically grind along the axis of the tungsten. I just can't visualize the best way to do this with the guard assembly on the bench grinder.

    It's my understanding that I should use the side of the wheel. Is this correct? How about the orientation.... toward the direction of travel, or away from it?

    For others who use a bench top grinder, do you leave the guards in place?

    Maybe it's something that will become clear once I attempt a couple. Sometimes a little advice goes a long way.



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    Use the face of a dedicated wheel, with the tip of the tungsten facing the wheel just like you would sharpen a chisel. Harbor Freight makes an inexpensive 3" grinder that is perfect for tungsten.

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    Default Orientation of Tungsten Using Grinding Wheel

    What works the best that I've seen is a belt sander that is turning away from you. And always keep moving the tungsten side to side so you don't wear grooves in the belt / grinding wheel. Also never grind on the side of a bench grinder wheel. It's a good way to wear the sides and eventually the face will fly apart. As for the bench grinder gaurd you can lower it and tilt it so you can get a good angle with the tungsten. And uh use a drill makes nice uniform sides and clamps the tungsten well and keeps your fingers away. Good luck

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    Chucking up your tungsten in a cordless drill & grinding length ways in the center of the wheel is the old tried & true redneck method.
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