I hope this isn't a stupid question; but, I don't know if my Performance Series AD helmet is working correctly.

When MIG welding a couple of brackets this afternoon on a table outside, I was concerned that the helmet wasn't reacting correctly. When I would strike an arc, there appeared to be very little change in the lens.... the arc was extremely bright, and I couldn't watch the puddle directly. The background is more green than blue/white, if that makes any sense.

I purchased a new battery thinking that would do the trick; but, the result was basically the same.

I have had the helmet since March 2012 (purchased new from a dealer).

I have tried adjusting the sensitivity and the darkness. The settings that I have been using on the helmet are consistent with what I have used in the past. I am seeing green spots after used today; but, I don't think it's as extreme as many arc burns described in the forum.

I'm just trying to figure out if the electronics are working correctly. Is there some way to test this, or should I ask the dealer to help me.