Seems like this tread is sort of wandering between cold cut and dry cut saws....hmmmm... Anyway, my $.02, since abrasive saws fall into one of those categories is that I would NEVER have one in my own shop. The abrasive saws make a huge mess, cover everything in the shop with grit and make you blow black boogers for a while after making a few cuts. Maybe I'd use one outside on a work site where nothing of mine is going to get all covered with crap and there may be a little breeze blowing to keep me from having to breathe the crap the saw throws.(besides the breeze makes the MIG and/or TIG guys swear and I just love the sound of swearing in the morning!!) Needless to say, my shop has only two saws and they are both "band" dry and one wet, but the wet one is OFTEN used dry (good blade!) since I don't really like having saw drool all over the workpiece or my hands and the floor, either!!

Also, if cutting mostly ferrous and not cutting aluminum or such, a guy COULD just get really good with an A/O cutting torch. Kind of hard to be VERY accurate with, but I have seen guys that can make cuts that look like they were made with a CNC Plasma rig!!