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Thread: TIG Handbook??

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickermigtigger View Post
    Anyone have Chapter 0. I have chapters 1-12.

    Reason I ask is I was looking at it for copyright/reprint/post/upload information and there doesn't seem to be a .pdf for a cover page, TOC, etc. where that info probably lives.

    In fact the words 'Miller' or 'copyright' do not appear anywhere in 1-12.

    Also, CigWeld has a new Pocket Guide app for Apple/Android that is a condensation of their 400 page welding book. Not TIG specific but just about all the welding info one could stand in a couple of lifetimes. I downloaded a copy of the whole book a couple of years ago as .PDF but looks like it's been taken down as well.

    Cigweld Pocket Guide App
    Unfortunately Miller did not have a Chapter 0 or a TOC when I was downloading the 12 chapter Tig Handbook. I do remember they had a listing of the Chapters but not a downloadable copy.

    Is there anywhere that someone knows that a copy of the CigWeld book in PDF is available for download??
    Much Appreciated.
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    I've been using an app that I found a while back in the IOS app store iTig. Lot of great reference material.

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