Hey guys just bought and installed a big sync 350. I am no tig welder at all but i think i have a few problems and dont know where to start. First is i have no post flow at all. Second is my welds. I have tried to weld mild steel and it turns out black with mild porosity. I am running 20 on argon and when the pedal is pressed a second of gush comes out then tames down to what seems to be the correct flow. I have tried aluminum with NO results. It turns dirty with like a slag coating on top. To me it is acting like no argon or air is getting in the mix.

Running twenty on my bottle #7 cup positive mode 50 on amp dial freq on continuous freq knob on bottom about half way preflow lowest setting contactor to remote. All else is off.

Lastly is the high freq. i reset the gap to manual suggestion but here is my observation. When i start the high freq starts the arc fine but i have to get half into the pedal before the real arc starts and heat begins. Before that the arc will hiss wonder and dance till i get into the pedal quite a bit.

Maybe it is my inexperience with a tig i wont discount that but maybe there are some bigger issues that i need to take a look at especially since its flow dont work at all.

Thanks guy if you can help.