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    I would either sub it or burn them from plate

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    Question to the op.

    How many do you need to make/buy? What exactly is the use?
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    turbo38t Guest

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    Default Need to make steel rings

    @turbo they're a bit pricy at 21

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    Default Need to make steel rings

    @mmw initially 10 for Highland games, but if I get the bending right I've railing to make up so plenty of bending to be doing 180's though not 360's bends.

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    turbo38t Guest


    Theee are cheaper brands.....gotta figure time, material and gas as well. Good luck. Dave
    Quote Originally Posted by Bossman2000 View Post
    @turbo they're a bit pricy at 21

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    Default Need to make steel rings

    Ah ok Dave ill give it a proper read later.

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    Hi, how would Make a forge? Any pics?

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    You can buy a cheap ring roller. Just make sure it's up to your capacity.
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    Default Need to make steel rings

    Just get a propane tiger torch heat them and bend them around something the same diameter. If you have a pipe the right diameter weld the one end to it and just keep bending it around like a spring till you have enough coils. Then cut them pound them flat and weld them together. Multiple same size rings.

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