I don't know if everyone here knows about the guy in fairless hills PA that died on the job at CSC Sugar back in around Feb. Well, I did all the work for the company when it was here in swedesboro nj. The guy died because he was cleaning out a clogged sugar hopper and the loader driver didn't know he was in there and basically buried him alive in sugar. I did quite a bit of work for the company at the fairless hills location along with building the screen for this very hopper. It is a very large hopper at 9'w x 14' long x 8' deep. I built the screen so it was 18" down from the top. Basically you can see anyone up there unless they were sleeping on the job. Well the company went through a lot of management changes, I got thrown out for not being a good contractor and not filling the new managers pocket. Well, he decided to change the screen to be at the bottom, 8' down. Just like I said when I made the screen, if you put the screen at the bottom and it clogs, you have to manually shovel out like 3 tons of sugar, and you have to have a guy out of sight. Well 2 months later, bamm... guy dies from what I said before hand.

Now I knew this guy was not smart and I usually know what can go wrong will go wrong and I actually have this on recording that if I were to build a screen at the bottom, this "could" happen. Well, being months later, I know that people are still being questioned on this OSHA investigation and if they contact me, it won't be pretty for the company.

I actually keep 2 tape recorders in my truck. I blindly record EVERY "contract" meeting" or important event. Even though the tape recording is not legal in court, I know ways of making it work out for me. I keep paperwork of every job including prints, pricing, sketches etc. This way I always cover my ass in good or bad.