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    Default MIG Aluminum Porosity ???

    I'm having trouble with porosity. I'm doing a 3/16" deep groove weld in the flat position between 3/16" 6063 and 3/8" 6061 using a 350p and spoolmatic 30a, 4043 .035 wire, pulsing, 50 arc length and about 550 wire speed, pure argon at 30 cfm, prep with stainless brush. The surface looks fine when done welding but when I grind it flush, swiss cheese. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default MIG Aluminum Porosity ???

    Swiss cheese mainly at your start or across the whole weld?

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    It is more pronounced at the starts, but there's some throughout.

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    Default MIG Aluminum Porosity ???

    Try cleaning the material with acid or laquer thinner also I find you need a good preflow on the gas

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    Gun angle. Slightly pushing about 10-15 degrees any more and you will suck in air...Bob
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    Default MIG Aluminum Porosity ???

    Turn your cfh up to about 45

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