I have a millermatic 210 with a spool gun using 100% Argon. I am modifying the motor mount transom on the motor pod of my pontoon boat, getting rid of the wood and replacing with aluminum. The motor pod is made up of 1/8" aluminum and I want to weld 1/4" to it. I have been practicing a bit but I have been having some issues. My welds look good but the starts are not nice and they are not fused in, (for lack of better words) like the rest of the weld. Looks like a cold start. I have the welder set for a good spray transfer. what could I be doing wrong. Also welding 1/4" to 1/8" should I be concetrating on working the puddle more to the thicker material to reduce the chance of burning through the thinner stuff. Also it seems that I have to move realy fast when welding aluminum as compared to steel. Is this normal with aluminum or do I have the settings wrong.