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    Quote Originally Posted by dave powelson View Post
    From my own experience-this wouldn't be the first time that Airgas has touted things that just ain't-so.
    Like the Aceteyne shortage/price gouging.
    I did see a new mig welder and the door sticker read for welding SS use 75/25 gas. But i don't remember the maker only that it had a blue case...Bob
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    Quote Originally Posted by fabricator View Post
    I bought a roll of stainless wire from Airgas which is formulated to use with 75/25(so they say).Have not tried it yet.
    Is it by any chance gas shielded stainless flux core? Take a look at the Lincoln Stainless Steel welding guide as well as their gas shielded stainless flux core wires.---Meltedmetal

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrasche2003 View Post
    I just started out about a month ago

    stainless was alot of money for me to invest in when I didn't know if I would like or even be good at what I am doing.
    Don't know if you've read into welding stainless much, but you might want to invest in some sort of respirator / fume extraction system if your going to mess with welding stainless steel much. It puts off nasty fumes containing Hexavalent chromium which is not something you want to be breathing in.

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    I checked the box, it is flux cored. Unibraze E 308L T.1
    I bought it a while back to try it out but haven't yet.
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    I have .035 and .045 stainless solid wire on 12" spools and as I only TIG,
    I can cut some for you to play with.

    PM me and I will send it to you.

    Don't know it it will work with your gas mix but the price is right - free.
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    Default Sealing Steel

    I forge and bend 2 x 1/4 in strap of mild steel into stands. I usually mix a solution of ferric nitrate from crystals, heat the metal to 200 deg and spray coat with the FeNi to a rust color. Do this outdoors!!! After that (to answer your question) I coat with 2 layers of Permalac. The SS might not take the FeNi as it is corrosion resistant but the steel welds will. You must make sure the welds are very dry or you will trap moisture under the Permalac and rust will appear. Seems to work for my garden stuff. Good luck.

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