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    Default Sip weldmate 140???

    Hi just wondering if anyone knows anything about these arc welders?
    Im looking for a little single phase arc i can use for doing bits and bobs round the house
    Ive been offered one of these for 20 from a friend
    Any experience with these?
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    Hey Cori,

    This is kinda of a tough question for a USA board. Not likely there will be a decent cross section of folks that even heard of a SIP let alone touched one.

    Might get in a bit of trouble here but try this site for the particular question maybe. Probably get better info.

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    Basic bit of low-budget transformer AC welder with a top end of about 130 Amps. It will stick bits together but will be very hard to strike an arc if it's anything like others of it's kind. But the price is right if it works.

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