Hey guys
I got a miller xr30 push pull welder that I have been trying to get up and running...
I currently have the suitcase unhooked from the power supply and its 110v plug is just plugged into the wall

The drive motors in the suitcase and the gun both operate. I didn't have any wire speed adjustment so I replaced the wire speed petentionometer in the gun... didn't help! That lil plug on the computer board is set to INT voltage sensing. Turning the run in speed up or down doesn't change anything either.

When i change the plug to EXT voltage sensing... the run in speed knob will alter the guns wire speed but not the suitcases speed and the wire speed knob on the gun still won't change a thing.

Should I have it hooked up to the power source in order to diagnose properly?

I don't know what's going on with this thing or where to start looking! Thanks for the help! Dan