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    Default Fun With BIG Stick Electrodes: 3/16" 7024-1 (Video)

    Goodafternoon, everyone!

    So, I was recently sent a handful of 7024's from a buddy of mine, and aside from the 1/8" electrodes that have shown up in a few videos, he also sent out a couple of "baseball bat" 3/16" electrodes...

    Annnd, I just had to try em' out

    I cranked up the Precision Tig, and used them on DCEP, DCEN, and A/C, on triple-fillet welds and a groove weld with a backing strip. Man was it awesome!

    They're thicker and longer than 1/8" rods, but aside from the amperage increase, and slightly more "awkwardness", they're the same concept. Anyway, I made a video about my adventures, and just thought I'd share it:

    Hope y'all enjoy it... Have a nice day, everyone!

    (Fun fact: Since posting this video on YouTube, someone else offered me a few 1/4" 7018's. I'll make a video about that in the near future)

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    Default Fun With BIG Stick Electrodes: 3/16" 7024-1 (Video)

    ChuckE, your utube vid on the cast iron vise w/7018 was hilarious and informative. You have a really good sense of humor and a great camera personality. Keep up the good work yo. I'll have to check this one out as well.

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    That's not a big electrode, this is a big electrode!
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