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    2x plus 30 sounds good.
    If it goes well knock it down.
    They always feel better when it's lees than the quote.

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    How to bid a job, You figure out the material 1st, Then break everything down into individual items and figure out how long each part takes, Then total the hours and then figure out what you want to charge per hour.

    As for as doubling the material price, If you want the job I would reconsider that one.
    I typically add about 20 - 25% which is fair mark up.

    On bigger jobs that are say over $ 3,000.00 -$ 4,000.00 I'll add about $ 200.00 for incidental things such as welding wire, shielding gas, fuel, , sanding discs.

    Good luck and break everything down into individual items, On some things you might have less time into and other items take longer, If you do it this way you should never be way under or way over.

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    Bidding a job can be difficult especially when you DONT want to UNDER-BID but sometimes you dont know untill you get into it. If I were you I'd go with my hourly rate and 30% mark up on materials.

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