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Thread: mig problem

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    inside with no breeze. nothing blocking the gas. cut wire at 90deg. On the butt welds, yes, I was starting in the middle thinking to let the puddle ooz on over and melt into the thinner metal, and I've had some luck with the plug welds. But the second type of weld I'm trying to do I guess is called butt welds, they're killin me. It might be I just have to keep playing with it until I haplessly stumble onto the right Another thing is I'm having a hard time actually seeing the puddle, or where my wire is actually touching, like I really can't see the actual edges of the metal I'm trying to weld. I have #10 lens

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    Are u the same person that was asking about the weld through primer awhile ago.
    If you are. That popping, balling up, splatter hard to weld. I've experienced some of that when you try to weld through that weld through primer.
    The only thing I can say is what the other guys are saying. Clean metal and a tight fit up.

    What machine are you using?

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    Can you elaborate on the type of welder you are using and your settings as well as your gas psi, too much gas is just as bad as not enough, as for your lens shade, if you have sight problems as in you wear glasses or such you might consider going to a lighter shade just be careful on which one

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