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Hey Elvis I thank you for the link. Seems to be pretty east to build. I never thought about it but bending a lot with one just seems more practical I won't be bending much more moly now that I am in Texas but it would be nice for thick wall mild. Jeeps kept me busy and play money in my pocket. What are you building?
IMG_20130426_143210.jpgIMG_20130428_094049.jpg The last thing I built was a set of rock sliders for XJs. I thinking about getting into cad designed chassis builds this fall. I just do general fab. I have been working on the side for a while and I need to figure out a few details so that I can devote more time to offroad stuff. First need to cage my cherokee and then I want to build up a ultra4 spec'd chassis to build a comp buggy. Dreams...

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I'd be interested in looking at your bender elvis, but I don't have the drive or desire to build one at this time.... I'm going to have my interview with the eye doc to have my cataracts removed in a couple weeks, I'm hoping it doesn't take long for a my eyes to heal so I can weld again and do other things I like to do. I have my name down on a Springfield Armory XD-S, I'm looking forward to shooting it and an AK 47 that I have never fired before. Hopefully my eyes will heal as fast as me changing my mind about the shears.

I saw this bender on ebay, it looks well built.

What I have is similar. Mine uses model 3 dies, but with a little modification it could use the 32 dies. I just used a cheapo harbor freight air/hydro 8-ton jack for the bending force. Down the road I want to convert it to electric over hydraulic. I learned a few things building this one and I have some things I plan to improve for the next build. I would build it out of thicker material: I used stacked, or laminated, 1/4" that is welded together. It is nice and stout but I would use two layers of .375" next time.

What I have works great and it was a helluva lot cheaper than buying something commercially.