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Manufactures make the tools so we can buy them. Each tool has its place and each person has his or her tool of choice. Some of us can afford them all and others cannot afford shoelaces. It's what you have and how you make it work.
A old guy told me that anybody could do it with the right tool.
Exactly right BD1. Me not getting hyped up over plasma is nothing more than a personal choice... right/wrong does not apply. I have been using O/A with no problems for years so why do I "have" to use a plasma cutter and why do I "have" to cut at break neck speeds? Different strokes for different folks applies here.

I'm a bit confused on the moisture issue.... seems like some plasma users spend a ton of money on equipment to remove moisture from their air lines to extend consumable life while others spend under a hundred bucks. Something don't jibe.

I don't spray paint or use air tools that often I should sink a bunch of cash into a airline so I can cut steel faster than the speed of light. 99% of my saws and drills run off electric not air. I don't work with roller skates on either.