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    Quote Originally Posted by HayFarmer View Post
    OK, fair enough. Id still like to know why youd use a rotary machine to make a bevel. Thats my main interest....

    My observation has been that about the only place I see mechanical bevelers used is on orbital/automatic welds.

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    i had a job years back building pipe for off shore oil exploration, i used gas/oky pipe cutters many times, both mechanical and motorized, they worked wonderful, as for the gas that we used, i think it was propane or, mayby natural gas, not acetylene, and all of these preps were xrayed and ultrasounded inspected, the heat affect to the pipe, as mentioned is a non issue

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    Plasma pipe bevelling in the field is getting extremely popular. There can be a single pass, double pass (change torch angle and produce bevel with land) and tripple passes that can produce a necessary undercut when transitions (changing to a heavier wall thickness for passing under roads, streams, etc.) are needed. Using protable generators and compressors are all that is needed....and often the process is safer than having to cart compressed gases in the field. Further, you can switch from machine torch to hand torch in seconds with many of the better plasma systems.

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    First, thanks for all the replies!! Just to be clear my question is really not so much about flame cutting as it is why would you use a mechanical beveling machine (one w/ cutters) instead of flame or arc.

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