Hello chaps,
I have a problem with some small trees growing on the outer edges of my land. I have been able to rip them out of the ground, using a chain and nylon cord. My main problem doing this is that the nylon ends up being very hard to remove after because it locks up. Sometimes it slips and just strips the trees.
So I have an idea in my head of welding something up, one part, a sort of hook this is placed behind the base of the tree, then a further part presses the tree into the hook when the chain is tightened by the truck pulling away. Obviously all one fixture involving some pivots.
I have no idea how to post my idea, so have any of you some ideas that could help me please.
Yesterday I spent two hours pulling four trees that were no more than two inches thick at the base, the rope just kept slipping, when I did get a good hold, the tree came up like a tooth but took ages for the rope to be freed again.
Any help would be very kind, I also promise to post a picture of the welded article.