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    Default Ventilation in Garage

    I am planning on having a two car garage built this year. I would like to specifiy a powered gable vent fan to provide exhaust for the occasional welding I do. The garage will not be heated. I prefer not to have the garage door open while welding in cold weather though.

    I am a total newb and I just do occasional hobby welding.

    Any thoughts? Will it be adequate enough to prevent the garage from filling with smoke? Anybody else do this?

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    Default Ventilation in Garage

    I have a 6" Vortex fan that I use as a fume extractor and for my lady's lil painting corner. They pull hella CFM's and are round 150-200. I got mine at the local family owned feed and seed shop. They have greenhouses for sale and use them to pull cool air across their lights so as to not burn the lil seedlings they sell. Relatively quiet and I ran mine out my header above garage door. Still open my doors up even if just a lil. I won't run it while I'm running Mig but I do like to ventilate the room somehow. Just my $.2.

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    It should help move the air out but weld smoke is heavy and probably will not go away quickly. It sure wont hurt in the summer time because that attic gets hot. I now hot air rises but it will also bank down into your garage with out venting which makes the air denser and in turn will hold the weld smoke longer.

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