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    Quote Originally Posted by jdchmiel View Post
    Sounds just like mine. Are you saying the pedal works as an on off switch for contactor control, but does not adjust current at all, ie if the panel is at 100, you can have 0 or 100. If the panel is at 111 you can have 111 or 0 ? ( nothing in between?)
    I have the same problem with my syncrowave 250(ser#KA 910615). No amperage control, I have to set it at the panel. Tried a new reastart and no differents? Wonder if its the circuit card control? Cruiser do you have any ideas what I should look for? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cruizer View Post
    HUH, you said you changed the pedal. did you not plug it in?????? WTF
    I had the old factory pedal and a off breed pedal that I was trying..I borrowed my friends pedal off his Syncrowave 200 and it solved my problems. I bought this welder a couple years ago and didn't try both pedals...I am sorry for not explaining that earlier..those two pedals have been thrown away.

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    When the foot control on SW 250 went wonky I found it had some shorted wire in the cable runing from the panel to the control case.....might be worth a look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smoking1320 View Post I bought another and that did not help.
    Another case of poisoning the well?

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