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    Yes, Miller does flag the serial number as stolen as long as you report it to them. When someone checks the serial number on the machine, it will show up as stolen and then it will give you the contact info on which law enforcement agency to contact. I have actually found a few stolen machines that way.

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    Theft is a RAMPANT problem everywhere. Here in Reno, NV, copper anything disappears like by magic. I know guys that work for the state and they have welded shut manhole covers, breaker boxes and anything and everything that could get broken into by copper thieves. It makes it a pain to work on things, as they have to cut them open to do maint stuff, but it does make it hard(er) for the thieves to get at it. Though maybe letting the dumbies/tweakers get at it isn't always all bad....a while back the state guys found some dead tweakers with copper in their hands....problem for the tweakers was that the copper was still hooked up on the other end to, I think, 440!

    One huge problem is that yards that buy metal stuff for scrap, even though they are in many cases REQUIRED to verify that the seller legally owns it, they are not very good about it and once whatever it is that they are buying goes through the shredder/crusher, it is ****ED HARD to prove anything. I have heard of yards taking a "bill of sale" that was written on scrap paper and looked like it was written by a drunken 4 year old for an item they were buying. THEY DO NOT CARE and will do most anything they can to take in anything they can make a buck on!!

    One advantage that honest, hardworking people have is that a lot of these criminals are NOT very bright. The guy that teaches welding at our local tech college was telling me about some idiots that stole a whole bunch of ER70 of some kind MIG wire thinking that they had scored a BUNCH of copper, but when they took it to sell it, the guys at the yard knew what it was and called the cops!! FUNNNEEEE!!!
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    I will be contacting Miller with the numbers. That was great help bringing that up. I'm glad I found this forum, everyone here seems to be good honest people with the same interests. Not to forget the fact that it is rich with information and helpful people.

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    Default Any of these look familiar?

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