This might be a long shot but it can't hurt to try. Sometime over the past weekend the shop I work at was broken into. Our shop welding rigs as well as our trailer rigs were taken. 5 Miller rigs total. Two Bobcat 250s and a Trailblazer "on separate trailer" we're stolen. Our shop is also missing a Millermatic 250 and a newer 252. One had a Tweco gun and the other a Bernard. Both of them were stocked fresh with fresh spools of E71t. They had the time to remove the gas rigs with our forklift and remove 700 lineal ft. of leads through a 4'x5' opening they cut. Like I said before not a bottle of shielding gas or torch kits were stolen. No grinders, mag drills or any other equipment missing. This hurts me as all my welding gear was once stolen from my personal shop in Ca. Please keep a look out if you live in Central Texas. The company name is Vaquero Const. In Belton Texas. Let me know ANYTHING if you see something similar. Sorry for the long post and thank you for any possible tip