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    Default Welding protection during summer

    Thank you for that. I wag going to ask about the FR shirts. At our local store they have them and the Wrangler FRs for about 50-60 bucks. They also have jeans that are FR and only cost a few dollars more. All I wear is regular Wrangler jeans and they hold up fairly well. As for the sleeves are they even worth the hassle? Now I am thinking it is just one more fancy expense that is unnecessary. I do like to follow the KISS principle.

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    Leather sleeves aren't bad.. but I don't wear them for what I do. I worked at Baltimore air coil a while back as a coil welder and all I did was stand there and weld all day... I wore them then. Bif you have to move around a lot or get in tight spaces the sleeves will just be a hassle

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    I thought they might be handy for in " in shop" fabrication. I'm not really moving around much when I shop weld. Normally it's 90% prep and 10% welding on numerous fit ups all at once. That would be their main use. Like you said earlier no air flow and a hot shop wear you down.

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    I worked with a fitter that wore his old DRESS shirts to work ALL the time ! I think he only had two REAL cotton work shirts. Guys would ask where's the rest of the suit.

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    So would that be considered function over fashion?

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